General terms and conditions

Conditions of Attendance: 

kidz-playground - fun & games camp 2023 is open to all children born between 2017 and 2010, who in the view of their parents, are physically healthy and able to take part in a sports camp of this nature. If those responsible at kidz-playground should have any reservations of a health nature, a child may be refused attendance. Camp management must be notified of any allergies, asthma or similar illnesses before the camp begins and kidz-playground will treat this information as confidential.


Registration/Terms of Payment: 

The attendance fee for a place at camp in 2023 is 195,00 Euro per week, per child. (VAT-free as per sec. 4 no. 23 Sales-Tax Act (UStG). The online registration form can be found on our homepage - - and used to register a child. This form must be completed by the parent or guardian wishing to register the child and becomes legally valid after receipt of payment even without an original signature.


After receipt of the online registration, the parent or guardian will be sent a confirmation of receipt to the e-mail address given on the registration form. The sending of this confirmation of receipt constitutes a valid contract. The camp fee due (in the event of an employer's contribution, just the parents’ contribution) should be transferred to the kidz-playground account within 10 working days. 


If the registration takes place within a period up to 4 weeks before the start of the camp, the camp fee must be paid within 3 working days (in the event of an employer's contribution, just the parents’ contribution). If the camp fee is not paid within this period, kidz-playground cannot guarantee the child‘s attendance and may assign it to another child. In any case, a processing fee of 35,00 Euro will be due.


After receipt of payment, confirmation of registration will be sent to the parent or guardian by e-mail within approximately 2 weeks. This confirmation can be used as a tax voucher. A copy of the confirmation will be charged with a fee.



  • If a registration is cancelled, but has not been paid, a processing fee of 35,00 Euro will be charged.
  • In the event of withdrawal up to 8 weeks before the camp begins,150,00 Euro will be refunded.
  • In the event of withdrawal up to 2 weeks before the camp begins, 85,00 Euro will be refunded.
  • In the event of a withdrawal less than 2 weeks before the camp begins, no refund is possible.

Employees of co-operation companies who receive an employer's contribution have the same cancellation policy, the costs have to be paid by the parent or guardian of the registered child. The employer will not be charged with the cancellation costs.


If a registered child is unable to attend the camp due to illness, a medical certificate must be submitted. Thereafter, payment will be refunded after deduction of a processing fee of 35 Euro. Cancellation due to illness must be notified to the organizer at least 48 hours before the start of the camp. For later cancellations no refund is possible.


Arrival and Departure: 

Parents are responsible for arranging travel to and from the camp. 

kidz-playground is not obliged to inform the parents if a child does not attend the camp.


General Rules: 

In the interests of smooth operation, the instructions given by camp management and trainers must be followed. Alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited and the child will be immediately expelled from the camp.


Expulsion from Camp: 

A child may be expelled from the camp in the event of grossly unsporting or unsocial behavior within the group. This includes, for instance, the use of violence against other children, persistent disturbance of the group, repeated undisciplined conduct and the malicious destruction of camp property.

  • On the 1st occasion, the child receives a “green card”
  • On the 2nd occasion the child receives a “yellow card”, and the parents will be informed.
  • On the 3rdoccasion, the child receives the “red card” and will be expelled from the camp.
  • If a child’s conduct is particularly serious, the child may be expelled immediately. 

In the event of expulsion from a camp, no refund possible.


Right to cancel camps:

Kidz-playground reserves the right to cancel individual camps if fewer than 15 children have been registered. In the event of cancellation by kidz-playground, the attendance fee will be refunded in full.


Exclusion of Liability:

kidz-playground excludes all liability for itself, its statutory representatives, employees and agents. 

Liability for damages resulting in harm to life, physical injury or damage to health and the liability based on intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty are not part of the exclusion.



Any injuries or illnesses that may arise are covered by personal health insurance, which is required for participation.

Kidz-playground recommends that all parents of children attending the camp arrange for a private third-party liability insurance (if necessary, including cover for damages caused by their under-age children). A private accident insurance is also recommended.


Photos and publications:

With the registration of a child to kidz-playground camp, the parent or guardian agree that films or photographs taken may be used and published exclusively on the website, the Youtube channel, the Facebook page of kidz-playground and on printed products (flyers, brochures) by kidz-playground and for press and media reports on the kidz-playground camps.


Data privacy statement:  

The privacy policy of kidz-playground applies.